New Home to I AM HALO!

Nestled in Bainbridge Island, Washington, the studio is designed for mixed media production,
video production, photography,  music recording, and performance space / venue. 
Studio owners include:
Audrey Lane, (www.femdefilm.com)
Randy Allbritton, (www.randyallbritton.com)
Ilen Halogram, (www.csonicpalace.com)
and Zach Fleury (https://zachfleury.bandcamp.com/)
Keep posted for upcoming events and booking at the Halographic Studios!
Upcoming projects in the studio:
360 music video ft. I AM HALO production studio and SIXR collective technical crew. 
Shoot will create a Virtual Reality experience for the viewer taking them on an exploration
of dimensional travel, and interactive dance storytelling. 
FT. performance artists Jody Poth, Kirra Lien, Chryseph Honeybear, and Ilen Halogram. 
Music by Ilen Halogram and Modular Synth by Jonny Cole.
Produced by Audrey Lane and Ilen Halogram 
Sneak preview of storyboard:

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